Move Your Business Applications to 3-Dimension

GO 3, with its fast, fluent, optionally customizable and next-generation interfaces meets the usage requirements of SMEs, end-to-end, by means of flexible application structure.

Basic Modules

✓  Warehouse Management

✓  Cash Accounting

✓  Purchasing

✓  Commitment Accounting

✓  Procurement

✓  Branch Accounting

✓  Sales

✓  Inflation Accounting

✓  Treasury Management

✓  Workflow Management

✓  Fixed Asset Management

✓  Query and Report Designer

Additional Models

✓  Payroll


✓  Import


✓  Export


✓  Android Handheld Solutions 


  Point of Sales Solution

Compatible Structure

With its compatible structure, GO 3 accelerates the business processes completely meeting the requirements of enterprises in distribution, construction, education, textile, media, health and other sectors.


Multiple Functionality

GO 3 allows you to readily use several processes such as Finance, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Stock Management and Reporting under a single application.


Flexible Platform

You can extend the function set according to your needs by adding applications (APPs) and widgets developed by Logo Business Partners.

Simple and Practical Interface

You can readily and quickly make data entry and easily access reports and applications with the user-friendly interface of GO 3.


You can define the commonly used functions as shortcut key on your customized desktop, and speed up your operations without losing time on access tree.

Compatible with e-Government Solutions

GO 3 can operate in full-integration with e-Government applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Archive.

Integration with Business Intelligence, CRM and Payroll Solutions

You can analyze in details the data obtained from various sources with Logo Mind Business Intelligence Solution in perfect integration with GO 3. You can follow-up the business processes such as appointment, meeting, proposal and selling of Sales - Marketing or your technical teams through Logo CRM as integrated with GO 3. By using Payroll Plus integrated with GO 3, you can entirely meet your requirements for registration and wage management.


Compatible with Windows 10

GO 3 enables to work compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 system, too.