Tiger 3 Enterprise is scalable ERP software that supports the sustainable efficiency

of medium and large-scale enterprises and provides access to various functions when required.

Basic Models:

These modules are embedded in the basic software package, and customers can purchase from additional modules list and add them to their package.

✓  Warehouse Management

✓  Cash Accounting

✓  Procurement

✓  Commitment Accounting

✓  Purchasing

✓  Branch Accounting

✓  Sales

✓  Inflation Accounting

✓  Distribution

✓  Quick Production (without planning)

✓  CRM

✓  Industrial Cost of Goods

✓  Treasury Management

✓  Operation based Cost of Goods (ABC)

✓  Fixed Asset Management

✓  Project Cost Control

✓  MRP

✓  Budget

✓  Manufacturing Control

✓  Manufacturing Resources Planning

✓  Production Planning

✓  Quality Control

✓  Workflow Management

✓  Query and Report Designer

Additional Models:

These modules are not included in the basic Tiger Enterprise software package; however, once purchased, they can be used integrated within the software.

✓  Payroll

✓  Budget

✓  Distribution

✓  Consolidated Accounting

✓  Import

✓  CRM

✓  Export

✓ Android Handheld Solutions 

✓  Tender Management

✓  Point of Sales Solution

Fast Adaptation Opportunity

By means of its simple user interface, it minimizes the learning process and allows the application to be come into use quickly within your enterprise.

App in App

With app in app approach, Tiger 3 Enterprise allows you to grow and develop your business applications and to add new features as app or widget with a single click. With these applications developed as platform independent, you can instantly access to information you need anywhere and anytime.


Useful and Practical Interface

You can easily access all the information you wish and favorite transactions, by means of aesthetic design not straining the eyes and included search engine of Tiger 3 Enterprise that is developed with new generation technology.


Use from Multi Locations

It supports multiple planning and control for the companies operating in multi locations.

Powerful Production and Planning Support

It allows you to manage all your internal processes within the company easily with its production and sales logistics features and planning and finance management supporting these essential activities.

Customizable Interface Opportunity

By means of its fast, fluent and customizable interface design in accordance with it user role, you can simply add a new desktop and define any functions you wish as shortcuts.

Integration with Other Internal Software

It can be easily integrated with other software which is developed within the companies.

Flexible Reporting

With its flexible reporting features, it allows various reports you will need to be easily designed.

Foreign Language Support

It provides foreign language support for international or exporting/importing companies.


High Performance

ERP solution for the Tiger 3 Enterprise provides high performance anytime and under any conditions as being independent from any increasing process and data load of your enterprise.


Compliance with Applicable Regulations

By means of its structure designed pursuant to the applicable regulations and business rules, it allows each unit in your business to work in compliance with the regulations